Nowadays, we are likely to encounter a variety of challenges during our infrastructure projects, ranging from poor-quality ground, organic content in the soil, cost and time pressures during execution or the limited durability of conventional methods.

NovoCrete® provides a reliable and permanent solution to your problems during and after the construction phase.


    • Ground (often poor or with too low a load-bearing capacity)
    • Time pressure (the works need to be finished before they have even begun)
    • Cost pressure (strong competition, little scope to make a profit)
    • Resources (far away or difficult and expensive to procure, should be conserved)
    • Expertise (alternative solutions are in demand)
    • Traffic complications (transport of material to and from the site, congestion, diversions, road closures, etc.)
    • Flooding (destroys conventional road foundation)
    • Subgrade (entails unforeseeable complications)
    • Landfill space (should be saved or is unavailable)
    • Sustainability (with conventional methods, rehabilitation or maintenance measures are needed soon after construction is complete)


Ground (often poor or with too low a load-bearing capacity, leading to damage)

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