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Green Facts

There are a great number of environmental indicators in favour of using NovoCrete®.

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The NovoCrete® system is used for soil stabilisation during infrastructure projects and offers technical advantages compared with conventional methods.


The decisive factor when using this technology to solidify native soil or construction materials is choosing the right processing method and applying it correctly.


The NovoCrete® method is backed by convincing arguments and offers a huge savings potential from a technical, economic and environmental point of view.


NovoCrete® is a mineral cement additive produced in Germany, from where it is distributed globally as a complete system with a full service package included.


Poor-quality ground, time and cost pressures and low sustainability. This is just a small selection of the problems you will have to solve when it comes to executing infrastructure projects.


We have developed the NovoCrete® system to assist with many of these typical complications during execution. We help you to complete your tasks in a reliable and durable way.

Factors of success

Drawing on our many years of experience and the use of our system worldwide, we have compiled a selection of points that highlight the key factors behind our success.

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