The ever increasing volume of traffic on our roads, caused for example by the increased amount of shipping due to online shopping, or the greater mechanical loads caused by heavy agricultural machinery is subjecting asphalt to extreme loading, resulting in more and more damage.

Bitumen of a poorer quality and the use of recycled material are also shortening the lives of asphalt courses.

Your problems can be solved in the long term by using NovoFi®.

Typical problems

Typical problems:

  • Extreme loadingcaused by heavy goods vehicle traffic
  • Ever increasing volume of traffic
  • Ruts caused by heavy goods vehicle traffic and sunlight
  • Thermal crack formationdue to alternating climatic conditions
  • Use of up to 70 % recycled material(deterioration in quality of asphalt)
  • Reduction in bituminous qualityby fully exploiting the proportion of bitumen used
  • Material fatigue


Broken asphalt surfaces


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