Possible solutions

NovoFi® is easy and flexible to use. At the same time it provides you with new potential solutions to problems as well as a longer life for your asphalt.

1. Ruts

Busy roads quickly develop ruts due to the high volume of traffic and sunlight. In such instances, NovoFi® acts like a reinforcement in the asphalt, reducing the formation of ruts by more than 50 %.

2. Cracks in asphalt

There may be very different reasons why cracks form in asphalt. It may be due to geomechanical movements in the substrate or thermal changes. NovoFi® spans any cracks formed in the asphalt so they don’t break through to the surface.

3. Queuing traffic, construction site trafficUS

Construction sites cause traffic and are therefore an increased burden on the environment. Since the asphalt lasts approx. 50 % longer, the number of construction sites and volume of associated traffic are reduced significantly.

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