NovoFi® is a synthetic mix of fibres of aramid (carbon) and polypropylene fibres, approx. 19 mm in length, used as three-dimensional reinforcement in binder and/ or surface courses in asphalt road building.

NovoFi® fibres are added to the mixture at the rate of 0.5 - 0.8 kg per ton. The wet mixing time should be at least 45 seconds.

Material properties

Material PolypropylenAramid

Bezeichnung Fibrillierte Faser Monofilamentfaser

Spezifisches Gewicht 0,91 1,45

Zugfestigkeit (MPa) 483 3.000

Länge (mm) 19 19

Farbe Hellbraun/Schwarz Gelb

Schmelzpunkt (°C) 157 > 450

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