NovoCrete® is a mineral powder additive manufactured in Germany. It is used with conventional cements such as CEM I and CEM II during soil stabilisation.

2% NovoCrete® is usually added to the cement quantity. The necessary cement and NovoCrete® content must be determined by a suitability test prior to the respective construction work being performed.


The NovoCrete® and the cement are mixed with the native soil while adding water. Different methods can be applied for this mixing process. Due to the interaction of soil, cement and the optimal water content, the formation of crystalline structures is increased in the course of the cement hydration process. This effect can lead to higher load-bearing capacities and water-impermeable layers being obtained. The stabilised layers produce very high tensile strengths, providing for a high level of “flexibility”. This means that they can absorb the vibrations caused by heavy goods vehicles.

Loam, clay and sandy soils can be stabilised. The NovoCrete® system can even provide solutions for soils with an organic content of up to 15% or a high salt content.

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